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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bye For Now

Photo Credit:  LeanneStewart from
Goodbye seems so final – seven letters in a row,
“Bye for now” feels better – this I do know.
When parting ways from this earth or simply for the day,
Bye for now is comforting – that I must say.
Bye for now provides a chance to meet again somehow,
To give or get another hug – that time, it will allow.
Bye for now offers hope to all the ones we love,
That simple phrase might be a gift directly from above.
Days can feel oh so long, but years are short indeed,
Ask anyone who’s lost a love – “Just one more day,” we plead.
All the memories in our hearts, tucked away, we keep,
Special ones leave a mark, one that’s surely deep.
So, let’s not say goodbye.  Let’s change the way we part,
Let’s say, “Bye for now.”  It’s softer on the heart.
Whether it is in a text, long e-mail, or note,
Let it be remembered – bye for now is what we wrote.
Or when our time on earth has met its final date,
It’s bye for now, not goodbye – see you at The Gate!

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Have a wonderful week, Sunshines!


  1. The poem is great. I'd like to send it, with your name attached, to friends going through their personal loss. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing this.

    Also, I have a grandson named Gabriel. Where did you find the books with that name on it?

    Email might be easier.

    1. Hi Chuck! I'm so glad you enjoyed my poem. Yes, please feel free to share it with others. I wrote a children's book called Gabriel's Golden Key. You can find it on Amazon in paperback, hard cover, and digital. Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by!