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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gabriel's Golden Key

Do you love adventure?  How about looking for gold?  Do you have time for a rhyme?  If you answered yes, then grab your detective hat and dive into Gabriel’s Golden Key right alongside his little minnow friend.  Gabriel wants to find the golden key and Elah has the clues he needs to unlock the mystery. 

However, curious Gabriel has a few questions during his journey.  He wants to know what angels do in heaven and why some of them don’t have wings.  Join Gabriel as he hunts for answers and the golden key…actually, the shiniest golden key of all!  Will he ever find the key?  Open this book and you will see!

Yes, those are the words you will find on the back cover of my new book.  My baby has arrived, Sunshines!  Well, not a real baby, but my “book baby” that I’ve been loving on for months and months and months now!  I’m so proud and blessed to say that my very first children’s book, Gabriel’s Golden Key, is here at last!  My book is published!

I can’t decide who was more excited to see the package from my publisher – my children or me.  My daughters were running around screaming – “Mom!  Mom!  It’s your book!  Your book!  Your booooook is here!  Woo-hoo!!!!”

Sooooo…..I want to thank each of you for being patient with me and for supporting me with your encouraging words along the way as I waited for this day to come.  It doesn’t seem real, but as I type this Sips, I have my book sitting right beside me.  I’m flipping through the pages and yep, it’s real!

I would be thrilled if you would grab a copy today for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend, neighbor, random child, or even yourself!  It’s sure to make a wonderful Christmas gift, birthday gift, or “just-because” gift!  It’s available in paperback and hardcover and will be available in digital format soon.  Here are a couple of links to get you started: 

It would be extra-super-duper awesome if you would then take the time to review my book on Amazon after you read it.  Thank you, in advance!

It’s hard to believe that I have a published book.  I am an author.  Whoa.  I owe all the glory to God, the Author of Life, for this incredible opportunity.  Here’s my little author blurb that you will find inside my book:

Heather Spears Kallus is a freelance writer who lives in the great state of Texas with her husband and three kiddos.  She enjoys inspiring others in her sunny little corner of cyberspace at Sips of Sunshine.  Heather thinks in rhyme…most of the time.

She won first place with her poem, A Baby Book, in a national poetry contest in 2012.  Her poem, A Military Heart, was chosen to be read at the Golden Gate National Cemetery Ceremony on Veterans Day in 2013.  Many of her poems have been published in local newspapers. 

Heather has a master’s degree in nutrition from Texas A&M University in College Station.  Throughout her college studies, she learned that you are what you eat, but as a writer, she loves to say, “You are what you read.” 

She is crazy about her family and friends, hearing her children laugh, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, music, and dancing.  She’s not impressed with early mornings, bad cell phone reception, traffic, negative attitudes, or raw celery.

She treasures all the times that her children (no matter how big they get!) crawl up on her lap in a rocking chair to read a book together.  Heather hopes that Gabriel’s Golden Key will become one of your favorites that you will want to read again and again and again! 

You can follow her Sips of Sunshine blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

It would bring me oodles of sunshine if you would share this post with your family and circle of friends.  My publishing company encouraged me to be a cheerleader for my book, but I don’t want to cheer alone.  I would much rather cheer with a team, so please join me in sharing my love for reading by letting others know about Gabriel’s Golden Key!  Rah!  Rah!  Rah!  Go Team Sunshine!

With gratitude, I thank you for your time in helping me spread the word.  You rock!

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines!

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