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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Here's To A Non-Bummer-Summer

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Tis the season for moms, dads, and grads, no doubt!  You can almost reach out and touch the excitement in the air as students and teachers count down the last few days of this school year.  Children and parents everywhere are wondering just how their summer will be.  Will it be a non-bummer-summer?  Well, that’s up to us.  We choose.  I wrote a poem last May that I want to share again, with just a few tweaks: 

Summertime has come, my friends,
The school year’s done, for here it ends.
What will we do to pass each day?
Some camps, vacation, work, and play?
Maybe a mission trip’s in the plan?
How ‘bout cross-country in a van?
Veg on the couch or hit the gym?
Will we bend our knees in prayer with Him?
Will we practice hoops and football throws?
Or water gardens in perfect rows?
Will we canoe or paint a scene?
Tackle the closets and finally clean?
Do some shopping or stay at home?
Travel nearby?  Go out and roam?
How much or little can we pack,
In that suitcase, bag, or sack?
Plan our days to the hour,
Or take some time to smell that flower?
It’s such a task to balance it all.
Have fun, work some…all before Fall.
We have 18 summers with our kids.
Will we have “should haves,” “could haves,” or “dids?”
From birth to grad day isn’t that long,
Life’s an adventure, a beautiful song.
Grab some fishing or swim at the beach.
Hike in the mountains while eating a peach.
Whatever you do, make it count.
18 summers – that is the amount.
Cuddle the kids, grab hugs and kisses.
Praise 2-point baskets.  Forget the misses.
Turn up the music.  Sing it loud.
Dance alone or in a crowd.
Amidst mosquitos and humid days,
Let’s thank God for morning rays.
Kids might whine that they’re bored,
Let’s try to remember to thank you, Lord,
For each hot day’s a gift from you.
18 summers – what will we do?
Celebrate our days or waste the time?
Spend some cash or not a dime.
Embrace this summer’s number, whatever it happens to be,
Summer 7, 10, 13 – these are the numbers for me.
The kiddos are growing up so fast,
Grab some shades - make memories to last!

Happy Summer, Sunshines!  Over the next few months, I’ll be taking a break from my writing schedule, as I work and spend some time with my family and friends.  I wish you all the best as you embrace your summer…whatever number you’re on.  Enjoy it to the fullest!  Here’s to a non-bummer-summer!

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