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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Take My Hand

Photo Credit:  lightfoot at
(A Pro-Life Poem for Down Syndrome Awareness Month)

Take my hand and not my life – please Mommy let me live,
The extra chromosome inside means I have more to give.
I know you’re scared about the news, but please let me explain,
Don’t think of what you might be losing – think of what you’ll gain.

A loving child with almond eyes – a deep crease in my palm,
In that crazy world out there – I will be your calm.
I might be small and flexible – a tiny nose and ears,
We’re more alike than different, you’ll learn throughout the years.

Sometimes things won’t work quite right, but please give me a chance,
I’ll need some extra time for sure, but soon I’ll sing and dance.
I might have trouble talking too; just ask me to repeat,
I’ll steal your heart, Mommy and Dad, the moment that we meet.

I’ll need a little longer, to learn to read and write,
Just show me how to draw and count, you’ll see I’m very bright.
If you teach me early on, my IQ will just soar,
You’ll tell me that you love me so – I’ll say, “I love you MORE!”

I’ll go to school and work real hard to make you very proud,
I’ll teach you how to truly love because I’ll love out loud.
No scientist can tell you why...I was made this way,
But Mommy, please be certain, God hand-picked you on that day.

He chose you, Mom and Daddy, because He knew you’d be,
The ones who’d be just right – for the special gift of me.
So, when I’m born, please take my hand – gentle is my soul,
God sent me down to teach you trust – that IS my very goal.

My joy will be contagious – my heart, an open door,
I’ll show you what life’s all about – I’ll leave you wanting more.
More of what God offers – that God IS love Himself,
Not to sweat the small stuff – leave those worries on the shelf.

So, Mom and Daddy, take my hand – I will be your light,
I won’t withhold an ounce of love – I’ll love with all my might.
You won’t be rush through…this life, while by my side,
You’ll have to slow it down a notch, since I will be your guide.

I’m not perfect, Mom and Dad, and really no one is,
The one thing that I DO know…is only that we’re His.
It won’t be long now, Mom and Dad – my birthday’s coming soon,
I’ll be twenty weeks – please bring me a balloon.

Accept my own uniqueness; respect what I can do,
Patience is the key to see…I’m special just like you.
My journey might look different – just work with me each day,
I’ll bring so much…to your life…WORDS just cannot say.

On my eleventh birthday, I want to bake my cake,
And, Daddy, let’s go fishing.  God showed me a GREAT lake!
He actually showed me many things before He sent me down,
Mostly, Mom, He taught me…that love is NOT a noun.’s a verb…a mighty action word, it surely is,
I’ll give you just a tiny glimpse...of the love that’s His.
You’ll see Christ in all I do and all I say each day,
You might pay more attention to the little things – you may.

Please hold me close when I am born – I really am a gem,
My talents might be hidden – you can help me find them.
Why IS Down Syndrome set aside for just a numbered few?
Cause God...He chooses wisely – not just anyone will do.

So, take my hand and not my life – please Mommy let me live,
The extra chromosome inside means I have more to give.
I’m glad you’re not as scared now, Mom, cause no one is to blame,
By choosing life, you saved an angel – one you get to name.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a chosen few......thank you for using your talent with words to express the positive aspects of being "different".....and needless to say, not a dry eye!

    1. Thank you ;-) My eyes weren't dry when I was writing it...