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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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Sips Of Sunshine is truly a SOS this week.  I tried to think of so many stories to share and my mind kept going back to this one crucial call for help – this one Morse code distress signal – this one plea that needs each and every one of us to vote in this Presidential election of 2012.

I voted today.  My husband voted today.  Have you voted yet?  If you haven’t voted in years, make this be the year you do.  If you don’t think your vote will matter, it will.

I got an amazing e-mail a few weeks ago about the power of prayer…united prayer.   Prayer can overcome any obstacle.  With God, ALL things are possible – not just the little things, but ALL things.  ALL.

A few of the prayer requests that stand out in my mind are these:

Dear Lord, we beg for repentance for ourselves and for our nation.  We seek Your face.  Please hear us from Heaven and heal our land.  We pray for this election and that You deliver us from the wrong leaders.  We pray that our nation will listen to the truth and not be led astray.  Lord, our trust in You will not be shaken.

We pray that our country will keep You at the forefront of their minds as they cast their vote.  Lord, put Your hands on the man of Your choice for President and guide his team.  We pray that Your man and our nation will be discerning and do what is right.

Lord, please guide Your choice for President during this campaign.  We pray that Your man will listen, add to his knowledge, and receive wise counsel during this election.  We humbly ask that, with Your help, the man of Your choice be given wisdom and the ability to overcome any obstacle or difficulty.

Lord, please give Your choice for President a special inner strength to sustain him and give him victory.  We pray that Your man will – through faith – persevere, and maintain his courage.  And, Lord, empower this man in any area of weakness.

Lord, we know You can amaze us.  We’ve seen the world around us.  We know what You can do.  Amaze us, Lord, and give Your servant victory.

In your Name, we pray.  Amen.

Let’s not sit back and watch things happen.  Let’s make things happen.  It starts with prayer.  It starts with one person.  It starts with one vote.

Can only one little “yes” make a difference?  Can one “yes” for life matter?  Can one “yes” for family count?  Can one “yes” for faith in our country, marriage, and our God be important?  Can one “yes” have a bearing on everything as we know it?

My mind immediately goes back to the simple “yes” of Jesus’ mother, Mary.  So, absolutely…one “yes” can change everything. 

Get out there and vote!

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