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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

M-Day Is Here!

It’s May and M-Day is here!
It’s time for mothers to cheer!
A day to shine and celebrate,
Be pampered a bit and sleep in late.
What does the dash in M-Day mean?
It surely means “others” as I have seen.
The dash is important.  Her gift is serving.
Tell her she’s special - this you’re observing.
Moms give of themselves three-sixty-five,
They sacrifice so their children can thrive.
They launder the clothes, prepare the meals,
Always aware how everyone feels.
Some sleepless nights spent in worry,
Her taxi service is sure in a hurry.
Long to-do lists may not be complete,
But, her love is great – from head to feet!
When a child is sad or lonely and scared,
A mom knows this because she has cared.
When a child is happy and full of joy,
Mom knows this too, about her girl or boy.
There are new moms and moms with quite a few years,
Both of them will experience tears.
Tears of joy and tears of doubt,
Together, we learn.  That’s what it’s about.
We learn from children. They learn from us.
Sometimes we’ll agree.  Sometimes we’ll fuss.
We’ll pray for insight, guidance, and more,
Along the way, with memories galore!
As long as we live, our babies they’ll be,
Our love runs deep and this you’ll see!
Most of “mother” is “other” – it’s true,
So, love your mom, whatever you do!
Tell her you’re thankful for her time,
Draw her a picture.  Write her a rhyme.
Make her dinner with her favorite dessert,
Maybe some flowers or a new shirt?
Or no gift at all and just be good,
Get along without fighting, please, if you could.
God blessed this world with angels we call,
Mother or Mommy – she loves with all!
Happy M-Day, ladies!  I’ll say a prayer,
And thank God for you, for being there!

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines, and Happy Mother’s Day!  Bye for now!

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