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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dancing With Daddy

Daddy-Daughter Dance - April 2016
My girls received a special invitation a few days ago.  It was the invite they were waiting for all year long!  The invitation is for the Annual Daddy-Daughter Dance at their school.  This year’s theme is Enchanted Garden and I’m certain the place will be blooming with charm, beauty, and memory-making!

There are only 11 days until the big night arrives!  The girls are already discussing hair, nails, and dresses.  They love the thought of hanging out with their dolled-up and decked-out girlfriends, but the main thing is time with Dad.  They have Daddy all to themselves.  They’ll dance until their feet hurt and twirl until they’re dizzy, I’m sure!

I wrote a poem last April that was inspired by the epic Daddy-Daughter Dance, so I want to share that again with you today:

The dance is tonight, Mom.  I can hardly wait!
I get Daddy to myself.  Tonight, he’ll be my date.
Mommy, will you paint my nails?  How ‘bout Dazzle Red?
Please curl my hair this evening, too.  That is what you said.
Mommy, how about mascara, lipstick, and some blush?
Can I get ready early?  I sure don’t wanna rush.
Let’s take some pictures on the porch.  I’ll smile and pose just right.
This Daddy Dance is once a year.  It’s happening tonight!
I’ll dance with Daddy every song.  How much longer til we’re there?
I’ll wear a dress that sparkles.  I’ll put flowers in my hair.
I’ll grab some snacks, chat with friends, but this is special, Dad.
When the night is over, I know that I’ll be sad.
Let’s make the most of every moment.  Twirl me once or twice.
A waltz, two-step, or polka.  Boogie-woogie would be nice.
Hold me in your big, strong arms and never let me go.
And, don’t forget to tell me what I already know.
Tell me that you love me, Dad, and that you always will.
Every time you tell me, it’s my heart that you fill.
Tell me I’m your sunshine, the twinkle in your eye.
If you shed a tear, Dad - I’ll wipe it if you cry.
Do you think I’m beautiful?  Inside?  Outside, too?
Tell me Dad - I’ll have no doubts, if it comes from you.
I’ll always be your baby girl, as the years fly by.
I won’t forget you danced with me.  You’re my favorite guy!
Thank you for this evening.  Your time means much to me.
Let’s go, Dad – it’s date night.  Here’s that ol’ truck key…

I want to take this time to also thank the amazing people who host this event and make it such an incredibly memorable night for daddies and daughters!  On behalf of all the mommies, I want you to know that you are truly appreciated!

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines, and may you have a loving, joy-filled Easter with your family!  Bye for now.

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