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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Could This Be The Year?

Some gutsy guests have decided to move into our home this Spring.  Well, not exactly move INTO our home, but rather move ONTO the front porch.  These valiant visitors have found our porch to be the perfect, cozy spot to settle down in.  Who are these daring little guests?  They are…“The Swallow Family.” 

These bold birdies are bound and determined to move in.  My husband didn’t really like the idea of them pooping up the front porch and making a muddy mess everywhere, so he and the kiddos made a makeshift scarecrow.  They constructed it out of a cardboard box and palm tree branches.  The girls colored a funny face on the cardboard box, wrote “Stay away!” and stuck the branches in the top of it.

Well, The Swallow Family just laughed and laughed.  I heard them.  In fact, I hear them chuckling now as I type this Sips.  Actually, they temporarily moved to the back porch.  Yep.  I hear them unpacking at this very moment.  They’re staying.  However, did you know that one of the family members was insistent on taking up residence on the front porch?  That winged warrior was brave enough to make his nest INSIDE the “scary” cardboard box!  Uh-huh.  NO FEAR!  None.  Seriously.

I just have to giggle because I admire the birds’ courage, fearless motivation, and never-give-up-attitude.  My husband has been battling this audacious feather family for a few weeks now.  Mr. and Mrs. Swallow got me to thinking more about fear though and how fear can hold many of us back from doing the things we really want or need to do.

So, of course, I was inspired by “Sparrow Spunk” and decided to write a poem.  Here goes:

Could this be the year?
Could this be the year to tackle fear?
Take a big breath and make it deep,
Let go of the fears that we may keep.
Make that appointment.  Go on that trip.
Cringe a bit and bite that lip.
Find a way to take that class,
Study hard and you will pass.
Go for a check-up.  Take that job.
Find the peace that fear does rob.
Mend a friendship.  Take a test.
Harmony is found when souls find rest.
“Don’t be afraid,” the Lord does say.
He’ll be with us along the way.
It won’t be easy.  Fear is rough,
But God does know we are enough.
Pray for strength.  He will provide.
Tackle fear.  He’s by our side.
Public speaking, heights, and such,
Flying, tight spaces, thunder – too much?
Doctors, dentists, snakes, spiders?
Dig down deep because we’re fighters!
We will doubt and that’s okay.
We’re not perfect in any way.
Go ahead – laugh.  Maybe cry.
Whatever you do, just please try.
“Increase my faith,” we asked the Lord,
And all His love…out He poured.
He’ll send friends in fearful places.
He’ll send hope through many faces.
Something or someone hold us back?
Many things can get us off-track.
Let it go and let them be.
Without fear, we’re stronger, see.
Fear just limits and takes away,
The beauty God blesses in each new day.
Take a chance and dive on in,
It’s where we’re going, not where we’ve been.
Right now, we’re ready to do great things.
Fear is too heavy for our wings.
Ready to soar?  Ready to fly?
Fear likes to stay, but say good-bye!
Could this be the year to tackle fear?
I think the answer is yes, my dear.

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines!  Bye for now.

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