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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

95 Reasons

"Gabriel & Elah" artwork by Evelyn
We all have reasons to smile each day.  Even on days we don’t think we do, there are surely some blessings that we’ve forgotten about.  However, last Friday, I had 95 reasons to smile…all at one time!  Yes, I received 95 of the most beautiful, thoughtful, and loving thank you letters from the sweet students at William Wood Elementary.  I had visited their school the week before for an author reading.  They wanted to show their appreciation through priceless notes and pictures that they had written and drawn especially for me.

If you ever want to feel loved, take some time and read a book to children.  Interact with them.  Ask them questions.  Let them ask you questions.  Encourage them.  Inspire them.  Let them encourage and inspire you.  I’ll never forget these letters.

Of course, I’m going to share some excerpts with you today!  I will certainly keep their unique spelling and punctuation just so you can enjoy the cuteness as well:
  • Thank you for writing “Gabriel’s golden key.”  I had a very good time.  I loved the majic trick!  It was brilliant
  • I really appreciate you coming and taking your time and efferot.  I realy look forward to buying your book.  Thank you so much.  I loved your book.
  • I really enjoyed your magic and your reading.  it was awsome!  Thanks for visiting.  I’m still planing on getting your book.  But I really enjoyed your visit.  And your presentation.
  • You inspired me to be an author.
  • Your book is so fun and fantastic.  You rock.  I am bying your book.  I want to take a picture with you!
  • You inspire me to wright books and I love when Elah jumps out of the book into the glas of water.
  • Good job for making the book called Gabriel’s Golden key.  You are the best for comeing to Willam Wood Elemetery and tell us all about yourself.  You are the coolest reader ever too.
  • Thank you for coming to our school.  We all had a great time!  You’re the best auther I know.
  • I love your book and I encourage you to write more books.  I also love your magic.  I loved Elah.  She was my favorite.
  • Your book is amazing and inspiring.
  • We loved you telling us about your book.  Gabriel relates to me in so many ways and Elah she was amazing.  I also loved your Brittish accent.
  • Your book was fantastic because you were the arothor of the book.
  • I love your book.  I hope you come back.
  • I can’t wait until you publish your next book!
  • You are the best author in the hold wide world and that book was the greatest book in the wold.
  • You are a star!  Your cool!
  • I really loved your book and how you put Christianity in it.  Thank you for putting your time in coming to our school.  We love you!
  • Thank you for donating the book to our school. 
  • Thank you for coming to our school and presenting your book.  We love you dearly.   I hope you keep persuing your dreams of being an author.  Gabriel’s Golden Key is the best book I ever layed my eyes on and hope I can by your book cause it’s a really good book.  Never reavel your magic secrets, Ms. Magican!
  • You are the best author in the world and I loved your Bridish accent.
  • I wishe you can come every day!
  • I will give you 200 dollers for your book!
  • I love your bridis ackint.  You are funny and nice.
  • I luv you a lot.
  • You are awesome and I thank you for your time.
  • What I like most about the book is the 7 Angeles.
  • Thank you for coming and telling your famous book Gabriel’s Golden Key.  I loved your book.  What I loved is the pictures and words and magic and fun.  It was amazing!  Sincerely, your body gaurd
  • I had a blast!  I loved the accent you had.  It was marvlous.  Your book is really, really good.  I don’t know if I want to be a author when I grow up.  It seems like a lot of work.  I loved it when you visited yesterday!
  • You inspier me to wright and read.  I loved it!  I hope to see you again!  I’m very happy you came.  Thank you!
And, THIS ONE (sniff, sniff with tears of joy):
  • My favrite part of your visit was…YOU!  I love you!  I love yoor book!
So, that’s just a taste of the 95 reasons I had to smile last Friday, Sunshines!

What I love most is the fact that these 95 reasons didn’t include anything they had to buy for me.  It was free.  It was heartfelt.  It was genuine.  It was unforgettable.

What reasons do you have to smile today?  There doesn’t have to be 95 reasons, but surely there is at least one?  Right?

As I re-read through these letters again and again, I’m smiling and feeling thankful.  I’m grateful to God for this journey and for the beautiful people I’ve met - young and old and in between - all while sharing my book!

I can’t thank you enough, Ms. Dana, for initiating this memorable project with your students!  I have 95 reasons to THANK YOU!  Keep sharing your light with all those around you because you really do shine, my friend!

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines!  Bye for now!
95 Letters = 95 Reasons to Smile!

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