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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Do, Do, Do A Review!

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Hey!  That title sounds like a song, chant, or cheer, huh?  Do, do, do a review!  Do, do, do a review!  Anyway, I’ll get to that in a minute.  (Keep reading if you like money, too.)  I saw a funny post online the other day and it said something like, “I’d truly love to be a Pinterest mom, but instead, I’m more of an Amazon Prime kinda mom.”  I loved it because, well, because that describes me.  I can order something and receive it within two days?  Yep, I’m in!  I’m totally in!

I enjoy many things about Amazon.  I love the quick shipping.  They have good prices.  The selection is awesome.  And, I’m thrilled that I can check out a ton of reviews before I order a product.  Reviews.  Hmmmmm.  That’s something that I ALWAYS take the time to read, but never take the time to write one myself.  If I look up ANYTHING – electronics, home and garden gizmos, toys, games, sports and outdoorsy gadgets, or health goodies – you better believe that I’ll read the reviews!

For instance, last February we were researching hotels and I forgot to select a decent star rating as a filter.  So, ALL of the gems showed up, like this hotel jewel!  Check out THIS review:

“They need to tear this place down because it’s unfit to stay.  Take it from me and I’m not picky at all.  There were many guests - cockroaches, rats, and cats to name a few.  The shower didn't work and the floors and walls were filthy.  I would never recommend this place to anyone.  It doesn't even deserve a star.  Whatever you do, do not stay here…RUN, RUN, RUN!  Did I mention cockroaches?  There were no bath towels and we even found bed bugs on our clothing.  We felt unsafe.  There was dog poop at the entrance of the lobby.  This was the most disgusting place I had ever walked into in my life.  The room reeked of old smoke, so thick that you couldn't breathe. The kitchen was dirty and the walls were yellow and sticky from the smoke.  I was afraid to sit down in the place.  Did someone die in there?  You better lock your car and sleep with a weapon. The TV didn't work at all.  The door wouldn't close unless you channeled your inner Hulk and slammed it as hard as you could.  It was so noisy everywhere.  If sleeping at night really isn't your thing, then this is the place for you.  There was tons of mold and the mattress had wires sticking out of it.  Our ceiling fan almost caught on fire and the elevator looked like a death trap.  The balconies were tilted down as if they were sinking and going to collapse.  Don’t even ask about the bedding.”

Needless to say, we did NOT stay in this beauty.  Why?  Because of the reviews, of course.  Reviews can certainly determine what we buy, where we vacation, hotels we’ll stay in, what activities we’ll do, and on and on.

Reviews.  We read them.  We use them.  We need them.  We want them.  I want them. Yes, I know that all you need is love, but what else I’d love are some book reviews from you, my lovely Sunshines!  My publisher shared this - We encourage you to do everything you can to help spread the word about your recent publication.  Probably the most important action that new authors can take is to obtain online reviews from your readers.  Many sites implement a rating system to help readers choose new books.  The more reviews and positive reviews you receive, the greater your chances are for success!

My life has been so richly blessed by all of the people and precious children that I’ve met at my book signings and author visits over the last few months.  In my heart, I feel that my book has been super successful.  Gabriel’s Golden Key has been so warmly received that I’m beaming with joy!  I thank you for that and I thank God for that!  Nonetheless, I think the online world really likes reviews to monitor success.  Soooo, we’ll go with it!

A common question from the children is always, “Mrs. Kallus, will you be doing a SECOND book?”  Of course the answer is YES!  However, I need your help today by doing a review for my FIRST book.  You’re awesome, so I know you will. 

However, to make this whole review thing more fun, I’m going to bribe you…I mean…encourage you to take a few moments to do a review for Gabriel’s Golden Key by offering a chance to win $100.  Yep!  I was inspired by my children’s recent 100th day of school.  Everyone likes a dollar.  But, everyone LOVES one hundred dollars!  So, hop on over to Amazon and review my children’s book today!  From all the reviews, I will choose a winner at random and announce the lucky guy or gal in next week’s Sips.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

To further entice you, I have a short little poem here to get you in the review mood:

All you need is love (and reviews),
A super quick way to share the good news!
A new book’s in town,
No need to frown!
Choose some stars – maybe five?
Type a few words to make it thrive.
Amazon loves it, so do I,
Do a review so I won’t cry.
Please, please do a review!
Thank you bunches and Woo-hoo!

Okay, so that was a bit silly, but I still appreciate your time.  I look forward to seeing who wins one hundred bucks next week!

Here are my upcoming author visits and book signings:
Jan. 31 - Author Visit at Nazareth Academy in Victoria, TX
Feb. 1 - Author Visit at Our Lady of Victory school in Victoria, TX
Feb. 3 - Author Visit at IEW in Inez, TX
Feb. 7 - Writing Academic Focus Night at Patti Welder in Victoria, TX
Feb. 9 - Author Visit at William Wood in Victoria, TX
Feb. 16 - Jackson County Library in Edna, TX (6pm)
Feb. 28 - Author Visit at Trinity school in Victoria, TX

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines!  Bye for now!

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