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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another Level

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While I was putting away some laundry on Sunday evening, I saw a note that my daughter had written on her easel.  In beautiful cursive, she penned, “Aw man!  It’s MONDAY!”  There was a sad face drawn underneath that statement. Then, I looked farther down on the easel and there was another note that said, “But, ALWAYS be glad for another day!”

Yes, children can certainly inspire us.  Her first sentence was resonating with me as I was starting to feel the Monday Blues that can accompany the beginning of another week.  Then, after I read her other sentence, I smiled when I realized that maybe she gets it!  She is capable of thinking on “another level.”  She gets that every day is a gift.  So awesome.  A perfect reminder for me as well.

I saw something online that also inspired me.  It encourages us to think of ourselves as getting to different “levels” instead of ages.  It said that we should start referring to our age as levels because ‘I’m at level 65’ sounds way cooler than just getting older.  Hee hee!

I’d like to take that train of thought to “another level” (wink, wink).  Let’s think about each new DAY as a level.  So, instead of waking up and groaning, “Oh, it’s just another day,” we could view each day as a challenge and say, “Hey!  Today, I get to conquer Level 15!  Let’s DO this!  Woo-hoo!”

Just think about it.  With each new day/level, we gain experience that we can use on the next day/level.  The catch is that after Level 365, we’ll need to start back over at Level 1 and do it again.  HOWEVER, just think of all that wisdom we learned from the other levels that can help us along our way back up to Level 365 again!

Anyway, for all the game lovers out there, it’s a fun concept to ponder!

So, my sister-in-law, Sandra, gave me a beautiful Christmas gift.  It was a wooden wall hanging inscribed with special dates.   There were six dates listed:  my birth, my husband’s birth, our wedding date, and each of my three children’s birth dates.  At the bottom of the gift, it read, “What a difference a day makes.”  Her thoughtful gift will be treasured forever.  Yes, indeed, one day can make all the difference! 

For instance, I won’t soon forget January 5th (aka Level 5).  I received a sweet message from my friend, Deneen.  Actually, she made my day!  She wrote, "Your book is wonderful!! You'd be happy to know that one of my students brought it to school for show and tell as one of his favorite Christmas gifts!  He's one of the sweetest and brightest Kindergarteners you'll ever meet!  He told me all about the book and let me read some.  Chapter 5 was his favorite!"  Now, for a gal who used to LOVE show-n-tell days in her elementary years, this put a perpetual smile on my face.  To think that out of all the gifts he could have brought that day, he brought MY book…WOW!  Just WOW.

Yes, some days aren’t just “another day.”  There are certain levels amidst the 365 that you will never forget:  a birth, a death, a wedding, a funeral, conquering a fear, finding true love, becoming a parent, becoming a grandparent, making the impossible possible, doing something for the first time, and doing something for the last time.  Speaking of the last time, I want to share a beautiful piece that a friend posted on facebook.  The author is unknown, but I’m sure it will touch you as it touched me:

The Last Time
From the moment you hold your baby in your arms,
you will never be the same.
You might long for the person you were before,
When you have freedom and time,
And nothing in particular to worry about.
You will know tiredness like you never knew it before,
And days will run into days that are exactly the same,
Full of feedings and burping,
Nappy changes and crying,
Whining and fighting,
Naps or a lack of naps,
It might seem like a never-ending cycle.
But don’t forget,
There is a last time for everything.
There will come a time when you will feed
your baby for the very last time.
They will fall asleep on you after a long day
And it will be the last time you ever hold your sleeping child.
One day you will carry them on your hip then set them down,
And never pick them up that way again.
You will scrub their hair in the bath one night
And from that day on they will want to bathe alone.
They will hold your hand to cross the road,
Then never reach for it again.
They will creep into your room at midnight for cuddles,
And it will be the last night you ever wake to this.
One afternoon you will sing “the wheels on the bus”
and do all the actions,
Then never sing them that song again.
They will kiss you goodbye at the school gate.
The next day they will ask to walk to the gate alone.
You will read a final bedtime story and wipe your last dirty face.
They will run to you with arms raised for the very last time.
The thing is, you won’t even know it’s the last time
Until there are no more times.
And even then, it will take you a while to realize.
So while you are living in these times,
remember there are only so many of them
and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them.
For one last time.

Whew!  Go ahead.  Grab a tissue.  Wipe the tears.  Now, let’s take a deep breath and pray for the grace to be in the moment.  Let’s pray for patience.  Let’s show love.  Let’s rejoice in the opportunity to tackle “another level” because we never know when our game will be over.

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines!  Bye for now!

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