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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Number 80

Photo Credit:  sariena from
It’s hard to believe that’s you,
These feelings of mine are all too new.
Up in the stands, I clap and cheer,
Tackle football’s a first for you this year.
Number 80 – you make me proud,
And that is why my heart beats loud.
An anxious heart, all the same,
I watch you out there play the game.
Twelve years ago, I swaddled you tight,
Protecting you with all of my might.
Now it’s helmets, pads, and such,
I hope the angels guard you much.
Please be fast and strong, my son,
So no one will catch you – not anyone!
Enjoy this time, as I sure will,
For number 80, my heart does fill.
When you make tackles – yardage too,
Defense, offense – I pray for you.
I’ll wear my shirt – with 80 on back,
My constant support – you will not lack.
I’m in the bleachers – there I’ll be,
Look my way – a smile you’ll see.
Do your best, son, give your all,
This Football Mom is ready for Fall!

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