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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dance With Me

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I received an e-mail from my Uncle Erol the other day.  Tucked neatly inside were some wonderful tidbits of inspiration that I wanted to pass along:

“Each of us is put here on earth to learn, share, love, appreciate, and give of ourselves.  None of us knows when this fantastic experience will end.  It can be taken away at any moment.”

Surely, God wants us to make the most out of every single day.  Let’s make ourselves a promise…from now on, let’s not allow a day to slip by without finding something beautiful to notice.

What we notice doesn't have to be something we see.  It could be a scent, perhaps the delicious aroma of home baked bread wafting out of someone's house or the smell of freshly washed linens.  It could be the sound of the breeze slightly rustling the leaves in the trees or the echo of our children’s laughter.  It could be the way the morning light catches a drop of dew on a spider’s web or roadside flower.  It could be the way our heart dances when a loved one touches our hand.  Let’s look for these things and cherish them.  It may sound trite to some, but these things are the ‘stuff’ of life…the little things we are put here on earth to enjoy…the things we oftentimes take for granted.

Let’s take notice of at least one special something that we see on our lunch hour today.  Let’s go barefoot.  Let’s notice the birds singing their love songs to each other.  Let’s walk on the beach at sunset and not worry about getting sand in our car or home.  Let’s make time tonight to get a double dip ice cream cone or maybe some flowers for our significant other.

“As we get older, it’s not the things we did that we often regret, but the things we didn't do.  Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."  (Oh, I just LOVE this quote!)

As I reflect on these words above, I am reminded of many things; one of which is a memorable time I had with my son recently.  Just to get it out there…my son doesn’t dance.  He doesn’t care for dancing and never has.  I find it a little strange since my husband and I both adore dancing and have put millions of miles on the dance floor over the years.  Nevertheless, my son always turns into a wet noodle the moment I try to dance with him.  Always.

So, it wasn’t too shocking when I found a crumpled dance invitation at the bottom of his backpack last week.  Surely, he was secretly hoping that I would overlook the paper.  Nope.  Not this Momma.  I found it.

The wrinkled paper was an invitation to a Mother/Son Dance at his school.  I was ecstatic.  My son?  Not so much.  We discussed the dance here and there over the course of a few days and he then shared that he would like to get a pair of boots for the dance.  I thought, “If a new pair of boots will do the trick; I’m in!  I’m SO in!”

After school one day, he and I went shopping to find that boy some boots.  We looked and looked and finally found the perfect pair.  The surprise came when he asked me to dance in the large dressing room to see how the boots felt while dancing.  Did I cry?  Inside…yes…buckets.  But, I held it together on the outside.  I held it together folks!  I did.  It was a moment, no doubt…one that I’ll never forget.  It’s possible that we danced in the dressing room more than we’ve danced in his entire 11 years on this earth!

The Saturday night dance arrived and I was off to scoot a boot with my handsome date (who was now exactly my height with the extra inches of the boot’s heel).  Sniff, sniff!  Where has the time gone?  Time is such a thief!

Anyway, while out boot shopping, we had practiced opening doors for Momma.  So, without missing a beat, he opened the door for me as we entered the dance.  I was extra proud of him that evening.  He was anxious about the dance, but he never left my side.  I saw my son in a new light that night.  The little boy that I cradled in my arms as an infant was now in my arms as a young man.  Whoa.  Mommy moment.

Even though dancing still may not be his favorite thing to do, he selflessly gave of himself that night…for me.  My heart was so full.  I soaked in every moment as we two-stepped.  I wasn’t sure how many more opportunities I would have like this…to have my first-born…my only son…on the dance floor…all to myself.  We did some line dancing and we even made our way through the Chicken Dance and the Cotton-Eyed Joe.  He made several stops at the candy bar in between, but I was so tickled to actually be dancing with him that he could have eaten his weight in chocolate and I’m sure I wouldn’t have minded that night.

I’m fairly certain that I feel a poem coming on, so let me see what comes forth from the keyboard…

Dance with me, my precious son,
The memories, music, and the fun.
A babe, I held you close to me,
In my arms, forever be.
I was there to wipe your tears,
I’ll be here now, throughout the years.
I held your tiny hand in mine,
Now your hands have grown so fine.
How are you so tall and strong?
The years are short; the days are long.
I used to rock you fast asleep,
But, nights were short, my little peep.
I wouldn’t trade a thing, for sure,
In my embrace, you felt secure.
You make me proud; you always do,
Thankful for each day anew.
A pair of boots helped you dance,
That shy, sweet smile; I caught a glance.
Your steps, more steady, time went by,
I held back tears; I will not lie.
God gave me you; you’re the one,
Dance with me, my precious son.

As summer approaches, let’s remember to slow it down and enjoy the incredible moments God has hidden within each day.  Let’s vow to never take a day or a person for granted, as both are a blessing. 

And, when given the chance (even in a dressing room), ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS dance when your son or daughter says, “Dance with me.”

Have a wonderful week, Sunshines!

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