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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sydney Strong

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What does it mean to be Sydney Strong?
Just listen closely.  This won’t take long.
It’s carrying a cross with faith and grace,
Praying through suffering that you face.
Where courage is seen in all that you do,
For letting us trek the journey with you.
It’s not whining and fretting, “Oh, Lord, why me?”
It’s having eyes of the brave for all to see.
It’s walking by faith – His will we trust,
Relying on God, with hope, we must.
Being sure that God will fight for you,
Growing us in ways that we never knew.
Bringing families to fold their hands in prayer,
Allowing others to show how much they care.
Knowing God’s palm is way big enough,
For days of this life, impossibly rough.
Faith doesn’t make life a piece of cake,
It makes it possible, so we won’t break.
It’s not believing He can, but knowing He will,
Listening for His voice and just being still.
It fills us with hope – the Spirit’s power,
Causing people worldwide to pray by the hour.
Sydney Strong affects those we’ve never met,
And God’s master quilt isn’t done quite yet.
Can one person bring prayer to thousands of people?
Bring a number of them to a church with a steeple?
The answer is yes; I’ve seen it and felt it,
Humbled and awestruck; my heart, it does melt it.
Generosity I’ve witnessed steals words away,
Sydney Strong is something that’s here to stay.
We love you, dear Sydney, we’re all here for you,
Thanks for the reminder that God is the glue.
Thank you for smiling on days so hard,
For counting on angels to light and to guard.
For getting us out of our own little box,
Not building on sand, but only on rocks.
To overcome all with deep, fervent prayer,
Life, without faith, is too much to bear.
We promise to strive for Sydney Strong,
God’s mighty arms is where we belong.
God bless you, Precious, fight with your might,
Sydney Strong, my child, is a beautiful sight!

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