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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Wind Fairy

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For those of you who read my recent post, “Friday Night Lessons,” this is a little follow-up to that.

Okay, so a week went by after my son lost his prized five dollar bill at the football game.  Honestly life moved on, schedules rocked along, and we didn’t give much thought to the long-gone money.

Every day after school, I let the kids check our mailbox.  Much of the time they argue about whose turn it is to check it.  Why?  Because seeing their name on an envelope is just magical and they want to be the first to see it if so.  I love getting mail too, however, most of the time when I see my name or my husband’s, the contents are not a party invitation or care package.

After some discussion, we finally determined that it was my son’s turn to open the metal door of mystery.  He hopped out of the car like a kangaroo and bounced on over to the mailbox.  He quickly thumbed through the contents (searching for his name) before even taking the envelopes from their tiny temporary home.

Then, I noticed that all too familiar smirk.  In one bounding leap, my son made his way back into his seat.  He made the announcement loud and clear, “I got one!  I got one!  I got mail!”  The girls begged to sift through the other envelopes to check for their names.  Frowns shortly followed.  “Not this time, girls, maybe tomorrow, “ I reassured their sad selves.

A torn envelope flew threw the air and then there was a deafening silence.  “Mom.  Mom.  Oh my gosh.  Mom.  Read this,” he quietly said. 

He handed me the short note that read, “Found this floating around the football field on Friday.  Think it belongs to you.  Signed…The Wind Fairy.”  I looked up at him and in disbelief, he waved a five dollar bill.  The girls were now rigorously searching through the mail again for the hundredth time in hopes of finding their own personal loot.

When we got home, my son asked for a stapler and ran to his room.  When I inquired about what he was doing, he showed me that he had folded up the miraculous money into a little square, placed it inside the handwritten note, and stapled the edges.  I asked him why he did that and he responded so sincerely, “Because, Mom, I am NOT going to spend this one.  It’s VERY special.”

The evening routine ensued – doing homework, eating supper, taking baths, reading Berenstain Bears books, and tucking everyone in.  The warm sunrise greeted us the next morning as usual (Thank you, Lord!) and the adventures of the day came and went.   It was time once again to check the mailbox.  It was my six-year-old daughter’s turn.

Like a cheetah, she bolted toward the mailbox and searched through its contents.  Poo!  Another one for brother bear, plus some boring ole bills.  With her bottom lip pooching out just a bit, she handed the envelope over to her brother.  He opened it.  It was a blank card with a crisp five dollar bill inside and the words, “The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord” on the outside.  We couldn’t believe it…not only one, but now TWO five dollar bills!  He flashed his pearly whites my way.

Then, I told him something that my Aunt Edie recently reminded me of, “You know, son, God will NEVER be outdone.  You offered up your five dollar bill for someone who probably needed it more than you and look what God has done.  He doubled this blessing.”  My son smiled as the girls listened in on the conversation. 

It was my four-year-old’s turn to check the mail the next day.  All the way from the back of the car, she scaled the seats like a squirrel eyeing the perfect acorn.  I kid you not…this time, there were three envelopes waiting in that mailbox - one for each of my children.  The energy in the car was off the charts!  Envelopes were flyin’ and squeals of giggly laughter were heard by the entire neighborhood.

My thoughtful cousin, Kelly, had sent my son a five dollar bill and had sent my daughters some money and scratch-off tickets as well.  In unison, they all screamed, “We love Kelly!  We love Kelly!”

It was an amazingly memorable and fascinating week by the mailbox, I assure you.

Several things came to mind as I pondered all of the excitement.  The Friday night lessons continued as we all were reminded of the goodness of people and of God.  My son anonymously received ten dollars, plus the five dollars from Kelly.  It was unforgettable.

After we discussed the lost money that night at the football field and he really felt in his heart that someone needed it more…we were both satisfied with the lesson learned.  We moved on.  However, God didn’t stop there.  God not only doubled his blessing, but He tripled it, and my son won’t soon forget that experience.  I hope that my son never forgets, as he learns to be more and more generous with God’s gifts.  God will not be outdone.  Will NOT, I tell you.

And, what I adore most about anonymous giving is that it is “giving” without the expectation of being paid back.  It is “giving” without strings.  It is “giving” to make a difference.  What can we do anonymously this week to show Christ’s love to someone? 

Can WE be someone’s “Wind Fairy?”  Can we whisk away someone’s loneliness just by listening?  Can we blow someone away with our generosity?  Can we be a gust of cheer for someone who is down?  Can we be a calming breeze to someone who is full of worry and fear?  Can we be a breath of fresh air?  Can we?  I think we can because…correct me if I’m wrong here…even the smallest of winds can make all the difference on a day that’s a bit on the “sticky” side.

Have a great week, Sunshines!

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