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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You Sent Me More

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Quite a few years ago, my hands folded in prayer,
I asked the Lord, “Is there a man just for me out there?
If I can get picky…can he love me just like You?
Can he forgive and start with me each day all fresh and new?”

“I wonder could he laugh with me…be quiet with me too?
Could he overlook my faults?  Cause, Lord knows there are a few!
Could he listen to my worries, my senseless fears and such?
I know it’s quite a lot dear Lord, my wish is slightly much.”

“But, I want a man to stand beside, through good times and the bad,
To share the happy days with and even all the sad.
To raise children with, to be our rock, to love you Lord the most,
To be humble, Lord, to teach our kids it’s never good to boast.”

“Could he help me with the dishes?  It’s much more fun with two,
Could he go to church with me?  I'd love him in my pew.
Could he be honest, strong, and faithful?  A man that I’d admire.
Could he be patient, Lord?  And set my heart on fire."

“Is it too much to want a man I’d trust with heart and soul?
A gentle man whose eyes are fixed on heaven as his goal.
A man who loves his family more than any earthly thing,
Who’d be proud to every day put on his wedding ring.”

“A respectable and virtuous man who dearly loves Your land,
A man who builds his house on rock and not on fleeting sand.
A loving man whose eyes can spot his wife across a room,
A man who isn’t scared of laundry…a vacuum, or a broom.”

“Could he be a man that loves to dance and twirl me round the floor?
That when I say, ‘I love you,’ he says, ‘I love you more.’
Is it possible that all these things be found in just one man?
If anyone can find him…Lord, I know YOU can!”

Time went by and marched right on and much to my surprise,
It wasn’t long before I saw it all in someone’s eyes.
A man that today I call my husband and best friend,
Some years ago, I said, “I do.”  My search came to an end.

“Lord, I prayed for all these things and You sent me more,
A man that words cannot express just how I adore.
You sent me more than I could’ve dreamed of, thought, or prayed for,
My wish list was extremely long and Lord…You sent me more.”

“I’m forever grateful to you, Lord, for giving me this gift,
A man I’ll always treasure…thanksgiving prayers I lift.
I never doubt Your love for me, I feel it in my core,
I asked You for a miracle, and Lord, You sent me more!”

Happy 13th Anniversary, Russell!  
I love you!  
July 8, 2000


  1. I tapped, tapped, tapped on the screen and now I wipe, wipe, wipe my sweaty eyes.....great tribute to a wonderful couple.

    1. Thanks so much! We come from a long line of love ;-)

  2. Hey Heather,
    I just read this and if I had the time to write a poem about Mark, it would go something (well, exactly) like this! I know you think you got the only one out there that was THIS good, but girl, I got the other one! Who knew that God would make more than just one man with all of these awesome qualities, but to make them both with the same last name is just unbelievable!?! Anyway, thanks for sharing this amazing poem so that I could be reminded of how truly blessed I am!
    Love ya,

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem. Anniversaries are a wonderful time to thank God for the blessing of an amazing husband. Hope you guys are all doing well!