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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silence Down the Hallway

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“Is this my life?” a young mom said,
She tucked her children into bed.
Wiping noses, tears, and hineys,
“WHY do kiddos get the whineys?”

“How dare they say, ‘Nuthin’ to do!’”
“So not true – it’s a toy zoo!”
“He took my book – she hid my Lego!”  Someone starts to weep,
Sometimes it takes all she has to get them all asleep.

It’s cold outside – they climb the walls,
They scream like crazies down the halls.
A time-out here, a time-out there,
Mom’s a grumpy grizzly bear.

She takes a breath, she takes it in, there’s silence down the hallway,
“Lord, please be up.  I hope You’re there.  I need a talk with Yahweh.”
“Moms need more patience, Lord, we do.”
“How can we start each day anew?”

“We don’t wish to yell and scream and even lose our cool,”
“We want to be your vessel – shouting makes us look a fool.”
“But, they push our buttons, Lord, each and every day,”
“We pull our hairs out one by one and that is not okay.”

As she continues talking to her dear, sweet precious Lord,
She feels a sense of comfort, as His love, straight down He poured.
And down the blessings came, flowing gently one by one,
She could not count them all, as there were just a ton.

A million reasons to give thanks – the list, about a mile,
She sat in prayer, with her eyes closed, she sat there for awhile.
She stopped talking, so she’d hear His oh most Holy Voice,
She could gripe and moan and groan, OR be thankful – it’s her choice.

She’d rather count her blessings, than the things that went awry,
The day’s events unfolded and the mom began to cry.
I’m sorry, Lord, for rushing through…neglecting just to see,
The countless gifts and blessings that You have given me.

The eager eyes and ears that greet me every morn,
The child that sees the rose, instead of just the thorn.
The chance to have a tiny taste of Your love for me,
Through my precious children, I think they are a key.

A key to widen hearts, to a love that is so great,
A key to understanding how to open Heaven’s gate.
We pray for patience and You give us all a chance to practice,
When a child sets on our chair, a prickly little cactus.

For boo-boos that allow us, to hold our children close,
For each all-nighter, Lord, gives US a healthy dose,
Of hugging and squeezing the gifts You gave to us,
We truly love them, Jesus, even though we like to fuss.

Lord, we WILL try harder, all us moms on earth down here,
We will seek you out, Lord, when we don’t feel You’re near.
It isn’t You that moved, we know, it’s US who moved away,
Guide us gently back to You, for this we truly pray.

They’ll come a time, much too soon, our children will be grown,
And we’ll pause to wonder, just where the time has flown.
We’ll watch them pack their stuff, loading up their car that day,
And we won’t like, not one bit, that silence down the hallway.

And as today marks 40 years of Roe versus Wade,
We pray for all the babies, in their mommy’s womb, God made.
We pray for lives forever changed, the mother’s and her baby’s,
For all the should haves and would haves – could have beens and maybes.

Roe V. Wade invited in a culture of death,
When it allows a child no chance to take a first breath.
When “thou shall not kill”…we suddenly think is a choice,
For us to make for those…who just don’t have a voice.

Motherhood can be tough – sometimes we lose our way,
Not a single day is perfect – to be patient, we do pray.
But, we cannot stop a tiny heart that beats inside his mother,
The consequence of that act affects us like NO other.

To be a mother is a gift not sent to everyone,
If taken lightly, we won’t hear the call of His Son.
The call to love another with our heart outside our chest,
To stand for life, forgetting self – could this be a test?

We pray that the safest place again will one day be,
The womb of a mother…we get down on our knee.
Lord, please guide the mom on that life-changing day,
So, she won’t regret a choice of


  1. WOW........what a beautiful tribute to life and we pray that one day very soon we will all be united in the belief that life is precious from conception to natural end.

  2. with a tear, I am right now watching my baby pack his room to move into his new house in town... whaaa... mixed emotions. Yes, he's way past time (25 yrs old) but still, he's my son and I will miss knowing that he's in his bed each night with me.

    God is good... just gotta let him go in His Hands.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Sniff, sniff - I'm sure emotions are running wild as you watch your child spread his wings. I know that day will come and I'll be cryin' too! I'll just have to try hard to remember that love is sometimes found in letting go...