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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time to Fly

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It’s time to fly my little ones – oh my, how you have grown,
To think that God gave you to us…for our very own!
To love and to teach - His words along the way,
First days of school are bittersweet, all the moms will say.

I won’t look at your baby pix, nope, won’t even dare,
How I’ll miss your little laugh, the sweet smell of your hair.
Oh, come on now, it’s okay, I wipe away MY tears,
Can’t believe how fast they flew – you know, that thing called years.

“Are you nervous, little one?  Grasshoppers in your belly?”
“You got it, Momma, you’re so right and also very silly!”
I wonder if you’ll be okay – will others treat you nice?
Why DID I put my make-up on?  I’ve put it on now twice.

Good-byes are the hardest, but I know you’ll be just fine,
You’ll read and write, play and learn, and count to ninety-nine.
For you must know, my love, that nothing is impossible,
For the word itself becomes the phrase, “I’M possible.”

Just be yourself, be who you are, let Him guide your way,
Bring some sunshine to a friend – it’s sure to make your day.
Listen to the teachers – let them see your heart,
For teachers are a gift from God – their lives you’ll be a part.

Please try hard, give your all, and do the best you can,
Not one of us is perfect, though – no woman and no man.
Give thanks each day for all you have, for all that you receive,
Offer struggles to the Lord, He knows that you believe.

If you’re sad or lonely, while you are away,
Know that you are on my mind and just for you, I pray.
Through all of this my little birds – the nest is always here,
You’re always welcome here at home, remember that, my dear.

Now, go out there and be all...that you were born to be,
Make new friends, learn great things – you mean the world to me.
Even though it’s time to fly, I see your newborn face,
But, keep God first and things you do will fall right into place.
Mom and Daddy can be taught a thing or two still…so,
Knowledge is learning something new…while Wisdom...


  1. Lessons for young, old and in between............a lot of reflection going on...thanks for another lesson in L.I.F.E.

    1. L - Living
      I - In the
      F - Framework of
      E - Eternity

      I'll never forget it! As always, thanks for your comments ;-)