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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Only Hair

“It’s only hair!” I jokingly assured my precious girl.
“Ya look like Sasquatch - Mom - ya know,” she grinned with a twirl.
We laughed and laughed that warm spring day,
As Daddy cut my hair away.

For you and me, it’s only hair,
But it means hope for heads so bare.
Blonde, brown, curly, straight,
Many find it hard to wait.

Cancer treatments steal the gift of hair upon a head.
A real-hair wig provides the strength and confidence is fed.
Eleven inches gone that day - a simple gift of hair,
Eager to bring hope somehow - to show that I care.

True beauty lies down deep beneath the shampoo, gel and make-up,
It is what’s found within our soul the moment that we wake-up.
The way that any room lights up as soon as we arrive,
Because our eyes cast not a doubt Who really makes us thrive.

And just like hair - many gifts don’t have to cost a dime.
How ‘bout a little smile?  A hug?  A laugh?  Our time?
It really does feel just as good to give as to receive,
Share your love with someone - help them to believe.

But it’s only “paper”- to someone we might say,
When special words are written - a card can make their day.
But it’s just a “car” - we might feel inside,
But memories are tucked away in each and every ride.

But it’s only “bricks and wood” with a simple glance,
But found beneath the walls of home is where we dance our dance.
And as my daughter clipped her locks - a curl fell to the floor,
“It’s only hair,” I gasped.  Of course, she will grow more.

It’s only “hair,” we might think, as we brush each day,
But for some - it stands for hope.  Change a life?  You may!
Eight ponytails donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and caring words, as only you can do, for a trial many are experiencing.........thanks for the "shove" to write that card, make that call, or say that prayer of love and concern, even though they won't know but hopefully "feel" because they will have been blessed in some special way.