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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Why do we fret?  Why do we worry?
Why IN the world, Lord, do we hurry?
Where ARE we going in such a rush?
We pass by others with just a brush.

What do we miss - in all this haste?
Precious moments - we shouldn’t waste.
Questions like, “Where’s Timbuktu?”
And heartstring tugs of, “I love you.”

When they cover their little eyes,
And think they have the best disguise.
“Mommy - Can you?  Can you see me?”
Love that game, I do, believe me!

We just might miss the very fact,
A cardboard box is where it’s at!
The toys are fun for just awhile,
But smiles grow wide in a pillow pile!

“Would you rather get a bee sting, Dad?”
“Or sprayed by skunks that stink real bad?”
She wants her “monkey charms” to eat,
“How ‘bout Lucky Charms, my sweet?”

One day we’ll miss - musical beds,
A household full of sleepyheads.
“One last book, come on - just one,”
Are their words when day is done.

We’ve got the “B” word wrong, I’m guessing,
What if a Burden…was a Blessing?
An “aha” moment for someone dear,
New ways to look at life each year.

Why IN the world don’t I remember?
To trust in Him - now till December.
Worry of the past just brings tears,
Future worry just brings fears.

A reckless faith is my prayer,
Worry just makes us lose more hair.
Hurry missed moments...with our child,
I want a faith that’s big - not mild.

A faith that builds a giant ark,
Before rain clouds arrive at dark.
A faith that walks up to the sea,
And knows it WILL part – can’t we see?

Perfume to wash His weary feet,
A faith like that is hard to beat.
A faith that looks for one lost sheep,
A faith like that is one we’d keep.

Hurry and Worry are thieves by day,
Sent to steal the gift away.
The present - a gift – that’s passing by,
While we ponder, “Why, Lord, Why?”

Instead of worry - shift the focus,
Trust in Him - He invokes us.
We’ll notice when our faith grows smaller,
And take note when our child grows taller.

Patience with self - a place to start,
Patience with others - also smart.
Patience with family - an act of love,
Patience with God - faith from above.

Wise words of my dear Aunt Edie,
“God does all things – FOR me, not TO me.
What should L-I-F-E be? 
In the
Framework of…

I might still ask Him, “Why, Lord, Why?”
But these two things – I will try.
To trust when I don’t understand,
Slowing down…to hold His hand.

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