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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Supperhero

"Does that woman know how to spell?” you must be wondering, “There’s only one “p” in super.” But…it’s not a typo. My son was re-reading his classmates’ Valentine cards (again) and exclaimed, “Hey, Mom, come look! It says on this card that I’m a superhero!” Upon closer review, it actually read, “You are a ‘supper’ hero!” and as a Dietitian, well…that got me to thinking.

You know, moms and dads can actually be both Superheroes AND Supperheroes (well…sometimes). With my nutrition background, I’m hesitant to tell you that my children’s supper plates aren’t always as colorful as they could be. You know, I’ve tried many of the “sneak-in-the-veggie-tricks.” Sly as a fox, I’ve pureed butternut squash and mixed it with refried beans to put inside a burrito. I’ve blended diced tomatoes in the blender so long that they almost disappear, just to avoid the dreaded, “AAAHHHH…I see a red chunk on my plate!” And, to mute the “green,” I’ve cooked bell pepper until it no longer qualifies as a source of Vitamin C.

I asked my 4 year old what exactly she would like me to make her sometime for supper that would invite a smile? She said, “You know…pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken nuggets.” However, this is the same daughter that will opt to eat two entire giant carrots with ranch dressing for supper instead of what I have prepared. So, it’s all very confusing, really. And, (insert big smile here), you should have seen me at her last pediatrician’s visit when the doctor asked her, “What are your favorite foods these days?” and she (no kidding) confidently replied, “Strawberries and Carrots.” I’m sure the doctor must have thought we rehearsed that answer.

For a change of pace one evening, I prepared my mom’s awesome “flat pancakes,” which is always a crowd fave. Uh…flat pancakes?! Well, that’s what my brother and I called them as kids, but I think the fancier term is actually, “Crepes.” I know you can get elaborate with crepes, but a little butter and syrup is all we ever need. After the kids licked the last drop of maple sweetness from their plates, my older daughter cheers, “YOU’RE THE BEST COOKER EVER!” and, yes, that is also the exact moment that I felt like a true “Supperhero.”

Now, as far as the Superhero part…it seems that if we, as parents, can learn a lesson from the old rental VCR tapes, we might be well on our way. Remember the “Be kind – Rewind” sticker on them? If we are on the verge of “overreacting,” maybe we can rewind and think of a kinder and gentler way to handle a situation with our little ones. Another great superhero rule is the 90/10 Principle of Stephen Covey – 10% of life is made up of what happens to you and the other 90% is decided by how you react to it. If you haven’t seen this before, take 4 ½ short minutes to watch it – you won’t be disappointed…Superheroes! Just click here:

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