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Monday, February 13, 2012


I would be remiss to leave out the daddies on their special day, so let’s talk about days in Daddyland. He answers to…“Daddy,” “Dad,” “Dada,” “Daaa-aaaad!,” “Daddio,” and “Daddylook, Daddylook!” just to name a few. And, he gets to answer cool questions like, “How thin are layers of skin? Will boiling water put a fire out? Can you cry underwater? Why do toasters have a burnt setting? Does the Puddy Tat ever get Tweety? Does Tom ever get Jerry? Does Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same melody as the ABC Song?” (go ahead and sing it…I did it, too)

My youngest knows that all familiar jingle of her daddy’s keys (you know everyone’s keys have a unique sound, right? Try it.) She bolts to the door hollering his name the second he comes home. Then, it’s a bazillion questions from the kids before he puts down his wallet and changes into “play clothes” (their term for clothes that memories are made in). “Dad, wanna throw the football?” “Daddy, I painted a picture – can you take it to work and hang it on your wall?” “Dada – lay down, lay down!”

My kiddos just want to spend time with their Daddy, because that is when time stands still. They love it when he has the day off. They hang on to everything he does and every word he says. And, while he’s demonstrating a perfect football spiral, it’s a great opportunity to throw in some advice on handling spirals in life, too.

Daddies have such an important role. Most kids want their daddy to be involved, play with them, ask them questions about their day, respect and honor their mom and hang up their artwork (however abstract it may be). If I teach ‘em how to make cookies, then Daddy can show ‘em how to dunk ‘em in milk. We aim for teamwork in the Kallus house.

Daddy teaches them the value of money, despite the money tree I insisted we plant in the Spring – hee hee. A prime example of the “keep it till it breaks” rule is his ’95 pick-up truck. That old thing hasn’t been washed in years, so it better rain soon. We don’t really know what color is underneath the dust layers. I can only imagine the stories that truck would tell if it could. With no A/C, heat, DVD or CD player, talking is a really good way to pass the traveling time. Good ole communication at its very best!

Some of life’s rules are discussed in daddy’s truck. “Keep your words soft, in case you have to eat them. Your smile is the most important thing you wear. The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge. Your word is something you can give AND keep. Great ideas don’t work unless you do. The Ten Commandments aren’t multiple choice. Pray.”

Daddy also teaches patience and determination, even while playing NASCAR 2011 on the Wii. That gift was originally for our son, but we’re almost certain Daddy is enjoying the roar of the race just as much (if not more). “Gentlemen…start…your…engines!” is now as common as “hello” around our home.

Because Daddy spends the last few hours of daylight with the kids, he goes out to do his stuff at the barn when it’s dark. I grin when I look out the window and see his little headlight attached to his hat dancing around like a firefly in the night. I think about the day and a thought hits me.

For the longest, we haven’t figured out why our youngest says, “Wanna go home,” while we’re…AT home. We asked her, “Where IS home?” and she points to the living room. Then, when Daddy comes in and sits down on the floor, she cuddles up on his chest and smiles. I get it now. “Home” is her Daddy’s arms. “Home” is…Daddyland. Happy Father’s Day!

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