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Monday, February 13, 2012

Beautiful You

Nine long months they waited - to see your precious face,
Little did they know - that day would be a race.
The doctor said, “There’s something not quite perfect with his heart,
We’ll need to have some tests - and that is just the start.”

That is the day they felt their life would just not be the same,
How could this be? Why should this be? Is anyone to blame?
Ten perfect little fingers, ten perfect little toes,
A perfect tiny mouth and a picture perfect nose.

“Who is this special child God has chosen just for us?”
They searched to find the answer - amongst all the fuss.
With something extra special, in your knowing eyes,
Their love for you kept growing - amidst all the “Whys?”

Several nights spent praying there - they knelt by your side,
Tears of mercy falling as they pleaded and they cried.
“Are you there, Lord? Are you listening? Please hear us, heal our son,
If anyone can make him well - we know you’re the One.”

And, yes, the Lord was listening to them that very day,
As He touched your tiny heart in His most Holy Way.
“Heart surgery won’t be needed for this special little guy,
But,” the doctor said that day, “not sure exactly why.”

But, we all knew the answer. We all knew the reason.
God had given you a chance - another day, another season.
You are a miracle to each of us - a gift of love sent down,
You teach us about love more than anyone, we’ve found.

Your arms are always open - always ready to embrace,
You love to touch our mouths - our lips, our nose, our face.
Your smile is so contagious, as you grin from ear to ear,
And, your giggle is the sweetest sound we’ll ever need to hear.

God must have really loved us to have sent you, my dear child,
A slight slant to your little eyes, with hair so cute and wild.
You teach us more than we could ever dream of teaching you,

Beautiful - perfectly perfect - perfectly, beautiful you.

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